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Help us find a cure for Multiple sclerosis (MS)

If you can see above this is how life goes for a person with MS. Things seem to go down hill after you awake in the morning and the day goes forward. To live with MS is a battle like no tomorrow. If people could walk in my shoes then the world would be a different...

How over heating affects me!!!

When I’m going through a battle with heat I tend have real bad flat-ups and and my day becomes very miserable and can’t possibly deal with anything. I’m the most energetic person on the planet but, when you take that away you can hang it up I’m mister miserable and...

How MS affects you and nobody cares

Let’s just take a adventure into Tim’s daily life. You awake to a prayer thanking GOD for allowing you to awake on this awesome planet, then you put blessings out there for your family and you ask for protection when you leave your home. And now you begin your daily...

BRAIN ‘fog’

If can’t get the Awareness then don’t bother trying to understand.

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